At Stacy Anderson Photography, our favorite photos are those that jump off the page and slap you across the face with emotion! We believe that photos shouldn't just be looked at; but felt. The viewer should be able to feel all of the love, excitement, and wonder felt in a wedding day. And that's what we strive for at Stacy Anderson Photography. As wedding photographers, we seek out those moments that go overlooked, but are oh so important - those moments when two people look at one another and you can almost feel the electricity and love between them. After all, those are the moment you want to remember on your special day.

Here at Stacy Anderson Photography, weddings are our specialty. Whether it's an intimate backyard wedding surrounded by your closest friends or a large formal affair, we are here to capture the fun and authentic moments of the day.

Our current pricing structure is simple - you don't buy what you don't need. Everything is a la carte - meaning engagement sessions, bridal sessions, prints and albums are all purchased as needed. Wedding day pricing is by the hour (with a 4 hour minimum). On average, clients usually spend around $2700 for their complete wedding needs, but of course you are the ultimate decision maker as to what all you would like included. Contact me to find out more information on how we can help make sure you have great mementos from your big day.

Need more info on our wedding packages, albums or any questions that need to be answered? Take a look around and contact us when you're ready.